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I'm Richard, a recent Engineering Physics graduate student from The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Ever since I was born approximately seconds ago, I’ve always been interested in how stuff works. My childhood was filled with countless hours of reading every volume of TellMeWhy at the library about why sky is blue or how machines work; watching shows on tv about the process of making things; and dismantling and putting back together every toy I had (Yes, including my Dad's tape player, which I still had a few extra parts left after putting it back together). That curiousity meant engineering was the obvious choice when deciding what to study in university. Out of many engineering programs offered in Canada, I chose University of British Columbia for its competitive 6 year Engineering Physics program combining 7 work terms with 11 study terms.

My interests lie in software design in real world application. Whether it be a quadcopter, a rock paper scissor robot, or an autonomous driving car; I get a lot of satisfaction when I design something and see it come to life. Big data analytic, cloud, security, and robotics are all big interests of mine.

Outside of school and working, I try my best to have fun and enjoy life! I started playing guitar recently. It’s a nice way to relax, and it’s also pretty awesome to be able to jam along to both classical and modern hit songs. I also enjoy doing lots of sports, basketball, badminton, hockey, snowboarding. I am a really good swimmer, and achieved 2nd place in British Columbia Provincial Golden Leaf Swimming Competition 50m Breaststroke and 3rd place in 400m relay. On the more interesting side, I’ve skydived in Gatineau and bungee jumped in Los Angeles! I am also starting to take lessons on earning a private pilot license here at the Bay Area!

So what’s next? I’m not exactly sure. I’m currently looking to join a fast-paced company based in San Francisco Bay Area. Until then, who knows where life will take me?

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Analytics for Facebook Friends

ALuLee is a smart application that gives you indepth underlining analytics about your social network. It is completely written using Sublime in Backbone.js under the MVC framework. ALuLee analyzes your friends by matching their hometown, interests, education, work experience, and such against yours to compute a score for each of your friends.



CLOUD Based Email

Rmail has one vision, to send anonymous email to anyone anywhere in the world. Rmail is written completely using php. Our cloud based server allows you to send email using our dedicated server without any login. All you need is the recipient's email address! OnScreen keyboad extension allows you to type without native support. Give it a try!



LOCATION Search Using IP Address

RGeo allows you to determine the exact location of any IP address in the world. RGeo is completely written in php. It utilizes the most up to date IP database to check for locational data relevant to an IP block. With new IP addresses allocated each month, RGeo is able to use historic data, IP prefix, and network mask to deduce the highest probability of an IP address to a location.



Computer Vision with Neural Network

RileeCapture utilizes the OpenCV library with custom designed neural network for facial, object, and laser detection and tracking. Facial recognition uses Haar Cascades classifier for detecting facial features that is spacial and rotational invariant. Object recognition uses Speed Up Robust Features that utilizes wavelet responses and gaussian weights.


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